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Wildflower Rooms

Branding and Marketing Communications

Wildflower Rooms | Beauty and treatment clinic

Joanne Bell of Bells Accounting and Alex Gwinnell of Therapia appointed us to develop a complete new beauty and treatment clinic design brand that could be translated into marketing materials, price lists, interiors and signage for their new business venture ‘Wildflower Rooms’.

Our aim was to deliver a complete design service, concentrating on developing the brand identity and core requirements initially and offering the option for additional design services for required extras broken into manageable costs which could be implemented in the future, as required.

Nugget Design helped Jo and Alex define all the key elements to be included in their initial scope of works to fit their budget while also offering the greatest value and return of investment, giving the highest impact levels and that can be implemented promptly…(as soon as they find their ideal premises).

Now the brand, look and feel, priceless, loyalty cards and signage has all been designed, we’re all just waiting for the right location to come available for us to be bale ti implement this for them.

We look forward to rolling this one out for them soon. Watch this space 🙂

Wildflower Rooms | Kent

Alex Gwinnell & Joanne Bell partnered up to create a chain of new Beauty Clinic and treatment rooms called Wildflower Rooms. They appointed Nugget Design to create a new friendly and calming brand that could be translated into an interior design language for the new clinics and easily be rolled out into future locations.

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