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Wandsworth Residence

Wandsworth Residence - Interiors
Interior design development support & detailed joinery design

We were appointed by Bygga Contractors to work along side them and Color interiors to help with the interior design development, detailed design and full drawing packages for the interior details, built furniture and joinery. Working with client with a keen eye on details everything was meticulously considered from the high end materials used to the junctions between the interior details and very contemporary architectural details. We produced hundreds of detail drawings and developed all the joinery to fit the demands of the equipment integrated, the client requests and lead designers vision. We worked on everything from the solid walnut wall claddings and seamless door integrations, to bespoke children's bedrooms, bathrooms, walk in dressing rooms, master bedrooms, lounge and kitchen areas, the cinema room, bar, gym and sauna rooms. We also worked closely with the AV team to develop seamless automatic integrated systems for the tv's throughout the house and even the feature fire place too. Nugget design supported the lead contractors during the implementation process and joined weekly design team meetings on site, made contractor site visits and over saw the works in progress throughout the installation. Photos are mid project and not fully completed works. Coming soon Drawings are a few selected from hundreds of drawings developed for the residential project. A lovely project to work on and a lovely result.

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