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The Thyme

A Thyme for Change
A new concept identity for local restaurant The Thyme.

Occasionally we work on a project that doesn’t quite make it to the final stage of implementation. But of course, the arrival of Coronavirus has meant all kinds of changes for businesses this year. With local Italian restaurant, The Thyme, we had developed updated concepts for their logo. However with lockdown, and subsequent restrictions across the hospitality sector, the owners decided to re establish themselves as ‘Ginger & Spices’, an Indian restaurant providing a takeaway service, drawing on the success of their already popular Indian restaurant in Bromley. Although the project didn't get implemented, we were really proud of the results we came up with in the initial concept phase of work so wanted to share them with you to show the potential of how effective a new brand and vision can have on a restaurant - even on a budget.

  • Branding
  • Hospitality Design
  • Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Mall Design
  • Restaurant
  • Sign Design