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Bulgaria Mall Wayfinding

Bulgaria Mall | Sofia, Salamanca Group & MRP International

Ari is an extroverted designer with a curious personality and a multicultural background. We have worked with him on several projects, mainly on shopping centres in the Eastern-European region. Ari has a great understanding of how people interact with spaces and how they use the products within the space. He is a very experienced designer who is always pushing the boundaries and challenging the brief.

Yossi Hansav
April 5, 2013

As well as interiors for Bulgaria Mall, Nugget were responsible for creating the wayfinding for both the general mall and car parking levels.

The building’s bulkheads and voids inspired the mall totems. A simple approach that complimented the nature of the architecture, yet at the same time making them visible from all sides. The mapping concept was driven by the client’s desire of “mall browsing”, giving just enough information for the customers to get to their relevant store, whilst also being aware of the other retailers Bulgaria Mall has to offer.

The pictograms and graphic style was designed to be subtle in design but bold in colour. Each of the services are highly identifiable and also easy to find, being directly above one another and highly visible from within the Mall. The illuminated pictograms help identify toilets and lift portals thus eliminating the need for additional suspended / projecting signs. This helped to keep the mall’s clean lines.

The same bespoke pictograms from the mall were used but substantially bigger for legibility. The parking levels were also divided up into the brand colours for better memory recall.

Our recent major project, Bulgaria Mall, was a real challenge – Ari was asked to step in to the project with only a few months before the opening of the mall; despite the tight deadline, together we created a solution, which is very unique in its category in the region. Ari created the whole interior, including the signage, which shows that his attention to details is a great asset in his working method. We are hoping to have the pleasure of working with Ari and continue to maintain a great working relationship to create projects on even bigger scales.

Yossi Hansav
April 5, 2013
Basic Collection worked directly with Ari at Nugget Design

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