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Animation & VFX

Creating animated content with results that speak for themselves.

We aim to capture the interest of potential customers and communicate your offer in less than 10 seconds with engaging animated content.

Everyone knows that our attention spans are getting shorter….

In the always-connected world it can feel that much harder to stay focused; we seem to be surrounded by ever increasing content vying for our attention. This can easily result in us disengaging and mentally switching off before a sentence has even …*wanders off to watch the latest youtube video*

Therefore, selecting the most effective medium for your message is crucial.

At Nugget Design we offer a holistic solution to design by migrating key brand and design elements into all areas of customer engagement with your business.

Capturing the interest of possible customers and communicating your offer in a matter of seconds can be difficult which is why Nugget Design offers animated and live footage as a key design element. Presenting a solid, cross platform brand and personality gives customer confidence, stabilises price points and helps to retain and encourage loyal customers. Integrating animated and filmed content into your communication mix in today’s digital world is becoming critical.

From simple 2D animated content through to high end live filming, 3D logos, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and even building production we have a solution.


A montage of various animations, motion graphics and visual effects for projects (various budgets) which show the ability of our team offering this service.

Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world – Walt Disney

2.5D Parallax & character animation

Example of shopfront digital signage

Case Study - Go Travel

Go Travel digital signage. Example of a parallax image and call to action to encourage footfall into the retail space.  Shown integrated into a bespoke instore media solution, part of the complete digital signage system designed and installed by Nugget Design and inurface media

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Managing Director
Ari Phillips

Ari’s career in the design industry has seen him travel extensively around the globe. With over 15 years experience he has worked on everything from small independent restaurants and travel agencies to restaurant chains, international banks, retail destinations and even wayfinding and navigation for the Russian Railways. Ari has worked for some of the world’s leading design companies such as Landor, Allen International, Redbird and Air design and is responsible for the creative direction of Nugget Design overseeing all branding, interior design and wayfinding projects.

Client Liason
Russell Brooks

Russell has spent 30 years experience in the creative industries sector representing manufacturers, publishers, marketing agencies, event organisers as well as animation and film studios. Russell’s breadth of experience provides a wealth of knowledge across many business sectors including Architecture, Construction, Property, Energy, Travel, Insurance and broadcast media and marketing.