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Surviving Covid Game
Surviving Covid Game 1024 667 Nugget Design
Grace Pilates Studio
Grace Pilates Studio 1024 767 Nugget Design
Hexed 1024 667 Nugget Design
Chislehurst Matters
Chislehurst Matters 1024 1024 Nugget Design
YWD 1024 667 Nugget Design
Lovelea Photography
Lovelea Photography 1024 667 Nugget Design
Hip & Bust
Hip & Bust 1024 667 Nugget Design
Cyberrders 1024 683 Nugget Design
The Thyme
The Thyme 1024 746 Nugget Design
Bank House Bar and Kitchen
Bank House Bar and Kitchen 960 640 Nugget Design

Bank House Bar and Kitchen Brief: Turn an old bank building in to a wine bar and kitchen. Banks closing on our high streets leave a huge gap in the community. And after the second to last bank, National Westminster, closed in Chislehurst the building sat empty for six months.  Our client team took on the…

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