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YWD 1024 667 Nugget Design
Redi concept interior design
Redi concept interior design 1024 576 Nugget Design
Bulgaria Mall Wayfinding
Bulgaria Mall Wayfinding 1024 632 Nugget Design

Ari is an extroverted designer with a curious personality and a multicultural background. We have worked with him on several projects, mainly on shopping centres in the Eastern-European region. Ari has a great understanding of how people interact with spaces and how they use the products within the space. He is a very experienced designer…

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Forum 1
Forum 1 1024 632 Nugget Design

Forum 1 | Salzburg Nugget Design were appointed to review both Wayfinding and Interiors for Forum 1. The aim was to gain some cohesion between Forum 1’s marketing material and the mall itself. This gap needed to be bridged by utilising the successful elements of Forum 1 (the brand) with the wayfinding and public spaces.…

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Dostyk Plaza Signage and Navigation
Dostyk Plaza Signage and Navigation 1024 724 Nugget Design
Russian Railways (RZD)
Russian Railways (RZD) 1024 632 Nugget Design

“Ari is one of the most passionate and dedicated brand creators I have met. His ambition, drive and passion is clear and infectious. We have worked together on few projects including the development of the signage system for the Russian Railways. He was always integral for the whole process both in creative and production phases.…

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WestEnd, Budapest
WestEnd, Budapest 1024 632 Nugget Design

WestEnd, Trigranit Management, Hungary WestEnd is a shopping centre in Budapest, Hungary, opened in November 1999 and was unique from conception. The Shopping Centre is located at the border of the city centre and at the junction of one of the busiest traffic lines in city; the main underground line and Western Railway Station.  WestEnd…

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Atrium Promenada
Atrium Promenada 1024 631 Nugget Design

Atrium Promenada A Promenade is defined as a “leisurely walk, especially one taken in a public place as a social activity” this became the inspiration to create a hook for creating a story and concept design strategy. The hook for the concept revolved around the notion of ’A time well spent’. We then developed this into…

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