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Hexed 1024 667 Nugget Design
YWD 1024 667 Nugget Design
Lovelea Photography
Lovelea Photography 1024 667 Nugget Design
Hip & Bust
Hip & Bust 1024 667 Nugget Design
Cyberrders 1024 683 Nugget Design
Bank House Branding
Bank House Branding 1024 683 Nugget Design

Bank House Bar and Kitchen Branding Brief: Turn an old bank building in to a wine bar and kitchen. Banks closing on our high streets leave a huge gap in the community. And after the second to last bank, National Westminster, closed in Chislehurst the building sat empty for six months.  Our client team took on…

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Bodyworks 1024 683 Nugget Design

“Fantastic team indeed” A friendly and committed team who have really helped create a striking and visual identity for my company that gives me confidence and a professional look which is exactly what i had hoped for and more.

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Alexa Sky Botanicals
Alexa Sky Botanicals 1024 683 Nugget Design

“Fantastic team passionate and committed who saw my dream and made it into much more than what I expected. I am really proud of my design….Hope to keep working with you on future designs” We were very excited to be appointed to work with Alexandra Paulino for the rebrand of her handmade skincare and beauty…

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Penge SE20
Penge SE20 1024 683 Nugget Design
Monster Merchandising
Monster Merchandising 1024 683 Nugget Design