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Barbershop Salon & Beauty

Luminis 1024 576 Nugget Design
Vogue Dental
Vogue Dental 1024 683 Nugget Design
Wildflower Rooms
Wildflower Rooms 1024 626 Nugget Design

Wildflower Rooms | Beauty and treatment clinic Joanne Bell of Bells Accounting and Alex Gwinnell of Therapia appointed us to develop a complete new beauty and treatment clinic design brand that could be translated into marketing materials, price lists, interiors and signage for their new business venture ‘Wildflower Rooms’. Our aim was to deliver a…

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Manoj Coffee & Cuts
Manoj Coffee & Cuts 1024 576 Nugget Design

Manoj Coffee & Cuts Ludgate London. Better service, better experience. Manoj was originally recommended to us when he was looking for a barbershop design team to refurbish his men’s styling salon in Queen Victoria Street, London. It was a great project to work on and the updated salon successfully opened at the start of this…

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Gloss Nail Bar
Gloss Nail Bar 1024 768 Nugget Design

Gloss Nail Bar Our client, Emma, first came to us at what can be both an exciting but daunting stage of any new retail business/ project; she knew what she wanted to offer (a dedicated manicure and pedicure salon) and had just located a property (a lovely shop front on Chislehurst high street). She also…

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Manoj | Mens Grooming Barbershop
Manoj | Mens Grooming Barbershop 1024 681 Nugget Design